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Welcome from the Worshipful Master

For the benefit of non-masons, the Worshipful Master is the man at the head of the Lodge. He gets to his position when he has served a number of other Offices within the Lodge. On average it takes around seven years from joining a Lodge to receiving the privilege of being installed as it's Worshipful Master and it is the highest Office a member can hold within his own Lodge.
Here our Worshipful Master, Mark Graham, has a few words of welcome for visitors to this site.


"Hello, I am Worshipful Brother Mark. On behalf of all the members of Anniversary Lodge 8385 I would like to welcome you to our website. Here you will find news about our Lodge, details on what we are currently up to and information about our future plans.

When & Where we meet

We meet on the second Friday of



November (Installation)






at the Aldershot Masonic Hall,

Edward Street, Aldershot,

Hampshire, GU11 3DR

You can visit the Aldershot Masonic Halls website by clicking here

The site is intended for use by Masons and Non-Masons alike. Hopefully you will find the information useful and of interest. If you have any aspirations to join our Lodge I would be delighted to hear from you. Equally, should you have any questions I  assure you that I, or a member of my team, will do our utmost to answer them.

It is a great privilege for me personally to have been invited by the members to be Master. We have a number of social and fundraising activities planned for this year. We often invite non-members to our social events, it would be good to have you along so that we could discuss your plans. You can see what is happening in and out of the Lodge on our Facebook group (click the link at the bottom of the page).

People often ask us why we join Freemasonry and what we get out of it. There are as many different answers as there are members - because everyone joined for a different reason, just as everybody gets something different out of it.  I very much enjoy the charitable aspects of what we do, raising vast sums of money for charities which help sick and vulnerable people - not by standing on street corners shouting and shaking buckets, but by discreet personal donations of what you can afford when you can afford it.

What will make you join? What will you get out of it? I won't know the answer to that....... but if you never take that first step, neither will you!

Masons - I hope to see you around the Province during my year in office. Non-masons - I hope that this site will encourage you to take your first tentative steps along the road to becoming a Freemason and, to one day, take to the chair which I now occupy."

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